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septiembre 11, 2017

Spain & Portugal Luxury Holiday Experience

The other popular private tour for Spain is the Gastronomy Tour. After the tour you are transferred back to your hotel in Lisbon. We, at Spain Private Tours, are particularly proud of our private tours which are becoming ever more famous. Included in the category of Gastronomy Tours are wine tours. The more adventuress traveler can even ask for a sample of the most exotic food Spain has to offer(read more on Gastronomy Tours) . We feel like the venues you chose for us to eat at we’re the best to experience the culture and the Andalucian food. Whether you want to tour “like a local” using public transport, or in luxury with Mercedes Vehicles and Chauffeurs, our 5-star guides will make sure you have an unforgettable experience with the perfect blend of fun and history! Whether you want to tour “like a local” using public transport, or in luxury with Mercedes Vehicles and Chauffeurs, our 5-star guides will make sure you have an unforgettable experience with the perfect blend of fun and history! It is more like meeting a friend in Spain, who shows you around, sharing their insider secrets.

We organize these private tours even for two people who want to experience a once in a lifetime trip alone, but our service is no less personal when dealing with larger groups, regardless of the size. Your local guide wants you to have the trip of a lifetime! Photo right – my wife and our Madrid guide in the plaza mayor. The right guide can open doors not normally available to the traveler. In a private tour you get to have a one on one exchange with your tour guide and even control your itinerary. We take a little time to prepare some suggestions for this special private tour and then we contact you. Plus, you’ll never wait in line with our guides as we’ll get you the skip-the-line tickets so you can spend more time discovering and less time waiting! And just about any time of year, there will be a festival to enjoy. Our 5-star guides will provide you with keen insight into the city’s amazing history and sites so you can better understand where the cities came from, how it got to where it is today, and where it’s headed. Engage in Barcelona’s ground-breaking art scene, where your guide will make sure you see Gaudi’s surreal Sagrada Familia church.

Luxury Tour Spain - Ronda

The Roman Aqueducts of Segovia are another ancient historic site in Spain, as is the fortress of El Escorial in the mountains of Sieera de Guadarrama, and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Built in the 14th century by Nasrid sultans, it is a breathtakingly beautiful complex of palaces, fortress and gardens. Visit Andalucia – the true heart of bullfighting, tapas and flamenco dancing – and marvel at Grenada’s Alhambra – a splendid fortress set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Alhambra overlooking Grenada is one such landmark and is the most visited attraction in Spain. You were always on time, provided a spotless vehicle, and were full of enthusiasm to share with us your wealth of information and history for each of the places we visited. The places you took us to and showed us were awesome! Prior to choosing our touring options, I read numerous reviews from clients who took group tours and private tours to these places.

Feeling adventurous, don´t hesitate and contact an award winning luxury travel agency in Spain.

Following breakfast you meet your driver who takes you on an exciting day-trip to one of Portugal’s most beautiful destinations – Sintra, that is famous for its fairy-tale castles and beautiful sceneries. The Canary Islands off the north African coast belong to Spain as well, and are extraordinarily popular seaside resort destinations with great scuba diving. However, if there are any variations in the excursions included, these are shown within the itinerary. We are proud on being extremely painstaking in the organization and execution of these special tours, be they private tours in Barcelona itself or anywhere in the whole of Catalonia and the Pyrenees. August 2013 Roland, we want to thank you for being our private guide when we were in Spain. Its coastlines include shores on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with the Mediterranean shores being most popular for beach holidays. How do these private tours in Barcelona and Northern Spain happen? Our Barcelona Private Tours and Madrid Private Tours can be tailored to your exact specifications, or you can leave the details up to us and we’ll tailor our tours to your general interests and likes.

Spain Luxury Tour Beach

As locals, your friendly personal guides know where to take you for an unforgettable tour that reflects your special interests in vibrant, spectacular Spain. As locals, your friendly personal guides know where to take you for an unforgettable tour that reflects your special interests in vibrant, spectacular Spain. Whether your focus is learning about Spain or experiencing the Spanish culture, the intimacy of a private tour adds an extra dimension to the activity. Whether your focus is learning about Spain or experiencing the Spanish culture, the intimacy of a private tour adds an extra dimension to the activity. Discover the history of this region in our privates guided toursCartagena Spain or Murcia accompanied by an expert and licensed private tour guide. For the more discerning travelers, we offer tailor-made Private Tours of just about everything! Why choose Vip Malaga Tours? The Best Private Tours in Barcelona and Madrid! We offer fun, professional, and reliable tours in Spain and specialize in Barcelona and Madrid and their incredible surroundings! You can wander the medieval warren of Toledo one day, and take part in the non-stop nightlife in Madrid the next.

septiembre 8, 2017

Spain Private Tour Itinerary: Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid, Sevilla, Bilbao

These handcrafted gins are made with a whole lot of love and won’t break the bank. Their homemade gins are infused with spices and herbs as well as juniper berries, strawberries, and many other tasty flavours. Our company has been has been dominating the luxury travel market in Spain for years, starting well before the drink became fashionable. But no matter what dance floor or bar stool you find yourself on, the menu at any bar is sure to have one thing a gin and tonic. Packed with extreme, fanatic culture and vibrant colours, Barcelona is definitely a hands-on city which will allow you to really enjoy a vacation unlike any other you have experienced. This underground archaeological site gives a thrilling image of the emergence of this medieval city. Both thrilling and fascinating, escape from the summer heat and take a trip into this enchanting construction and imagine the city in Roman times. Now is a wonderful time of the year to visit the quaint Scottish Highlands thanks to its breathtaking scenery and selection of charming cottage houses to really invoke that traditionally festive feel.

Spain Private Tour - Food and Wine
As autumn fast approaches, it´s not too late to book that luxury, private holiday in Spain yearned for all year. For those seeking the perfect last minute luxury destination, here are a fair few ideas of where to go this festive season. Here at the iberian peninsula, there are enough daily deals to satisfy everyone with a luxurious range of last minute holiday deals around Spain or somewhere slightly more exotic. If you would rather enjoy some more seclusion and relax in some golden sand, then the northern beaches may be the better option for you. Sometimes the very best option is to stay at home and Spain’s eclectic capital city is the cream of the crop in that respect. This hotspot offers some of the best gin and tonics in Barcelona, which says a lot in a city where gin and tonics have become very trendy. Perfect for bigger groups, the capital of Catalonia is a great place to get all your people together for a tapas dinner accompanied by some delicious peach mojitos or unique gin and tonics.
One restaurant misunderstood about our prepaid arrangements, and sat us in their restaurant instead of the bar ( it was supposed to be tapas).. With nine Mediterranean beaches bordering the outstanding coastline, you´re definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to which one to visit. You may discover also that The FC Barcelona Museum for those football fans who like to delve into the history of one of the top teams in the world. You will sample fine wines, oils, teas and coffees, all while staying in stylish lodgings and spa hotels surrounded by vineyards, tea or coffee plantations in exceptional destinations around the world. Based on our budget we had nice charming hotels centrally located that included breakfast. Together with them, Our Team seeks out the most authentic gastronomy and great wines, bringing them to you as a unique and unforgettable travel experience. The bespoke trips organised by our company are designed with a strong emphasis on Wine and gastronomy. When organising trips, they rely on the longstanding experience of Spain Private Tours, a travel agency which has been offering meaningful and captivating trips from in Spain for a decade.


Spain Private Tours is a DMC and local travel agency based in Madrid, Spain.
I was worried about dealing with a foreign travel company and paying for the trip in cash in full 60 prior . Invariably in a such a trip there are a few mishaps.. Here are some aspects of the city to entice you. Popular with international students and locals alike, you are bound to meet plenty of fun and interesting people during your night here. Branch out a little bit and enjoy a sunny and warm vacations in the coastline metropolis that is the Costa Brava. The Dutch go all out and the holiday festivities usually start in mid-November so you can be sure that quite a party will be going on when you arrive. Great deals can be found for those who wish to just pop over the Channel to the Netherlands and enjoy a quaint, charming Christmas in mainland Europe. Due to its northern climate, there´s always a great chance of snow, though it is not guaranteed, and can contribute to that perfect vacation spirit you were seeking. Sevilla is not a large city but it is a very beautiful one, providing enough services and amenities for everyone this tour as well as being incredibly easy on the eye, enhancing the experience massively.
Spain Private Tours WindmillsWe wanted a well organized tour, customized around our interests. Journey back in time at this vintage style Barcelona gin and cocktail bar. Passejat is a classic rice dish served in a Barcelona restaurant, dating back to the 15th century, it will not only satisfy your yummy but give you a feel of the history of catalonia. We traveled by plane over big distances ( barcelona to granada; sevilla to bilbao) and train from san sebastian to valencia.. We landed in Barcelona, where met with our driver at the airport entrace. We had guides booked for walking tours of the cities and 2 for eating tours in Sevilla and San Sebastien. Whatever you think of when you hear of Barcelona, it must be fully comprehended and seen and experienced first hand. Our final interary with tickets were to arrive at our first appointment .. Sala Apolo is a great example of what Barcelona has to offer when it comes to its vibrant music scene. We selected our itinerary with our Spain Private toURS travel agent’s help. We had a really great vacation in spain.

septiembre 3, 2017

Luxury Travel in Spain for families

You should determine the length of time you’d like to produce your trip. A cooking trip within this country can provide a whole lot of delicacies and excitement to anybody. Tours are provided to fit your dates and price range. It would not be possible for all of us to list each of the tours that are supplied for visitors to Spain. Educational trips arrive in two standard sizes Fantastic! Where you opt to go on your RV road trip will depend largely on your geographical area, how long you’ve got for your journey and when you want to go. The very best road trip is a secure and happy one.


Families enjoying luxury travel in Spain

If you’re able, book it two or three months in advance, and do it online. So go ahead, continue reading to know the way you can explore the very best Spanish food in San Sebastian. It is possible to even locate some exceptional superior lobsters, prawns, crabs and clams. With flamingos, giant tortoises and red-sand beaches, those people who are trying to find a new type of adventure will definitely find it here. Its popularity and influence was recognised even in the previous times.

Luxury Travel Spain Families

Historically, Spain is among the strongest and rich nations within this region. Apart from its history and economy, this nation is also well-known, on account of the great spots and awesome cuisine. It is widespread all around the country. This region contains a number of the most-visited ports on the planet. It is wise that you attempt to keep any maps you have out of sight. Spain is among the countries which have been blessed with this kind of uniqueness. Truly, it is always among the top choices and alternatives when it comes to tourism. The Iberian Peninsula is really the most visited tourist place all around the world. France has been among the wealthiest nations in the world for more than five hundred decades. If you suffer from disability and wish to travel different tour places with your Family members and Friends, you should stick to some helpful guidance in advance to produce your trip safe and comfortable. Speak with their experts, talk about your needs. An individual can even say that it’s a location where history still lives. It is surely a location for nature lovers and for those who love risking a bit. Sooner or later in your life, you should make time to pay a visit to these destinations. Otherwise you will waste away the time which you’re on vacation and nobody wishes to do this. Ideally you need to use them for no less than a year before going, but this isn’t always possible. Summer is extremely hot, with scattered thunderstorms. Spring and the start of autumn are typically the best seasons to go to the Canary Islands.


Things You Won’t Like About Luxury Spain Travel and Things You Will

A villa includes extra facilities and amenities. It’s more reasonable to cover a villa than a hotel. It is rather relaxing to remain in a villa when you’re on a holiday to Spain with your loved ones. Whether you’re trying to find an inexpensive villa or a luxury villa, there’s something available for everybody at the beachfront.

agosto 15, 2017

Luxury Holidays in Spain – Malaga, Costa del Sol

One of the best luxury holidays destinations in Spain, Capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga

One of Spain most multicultural cities


Malaga’s Historic City Centre  

The architectural heritage of Malaga City is the result of over 3,000 years of human settlement, from the Phoenicians to the present day. The magnificent Roman Theatre, the Nazari Castle and the Gibralfaro Castle of Moorish design, testify to this rich diversity, while the profusion of styles in Malaga Cathedral from Renaissance to modern, is breath-taking.

Malaga’s Beaches

Luxury Holidays - Malaga Beach

Malaga’s long coast means that it has an enormous variety of sandy beaches. There are wild and rocky inlets, small coves where you can be totally private, and there are tourist beaches complete with every amenity one could desire. Swimming of course, is the favourite, as is sun-bathing under the bountiful sun, sailing, water-skiing, cruising the bay and visiting coastal villages. It’s all available in Malaga.


Pablo Picasso, Malaga’s Favourite Son   

Picasso Museum and view over Málaga


Malaga and Picasso are inextricably intertwined, the city which gave birth to the painter also honours him. He is well represented, thanks to the Picasso Museum which has an collection of over 200 of the artist’s original works, complemented by the nearby Museo-Casa Natal, his birthplace, which frequently hosts exhibitions of his work borrowed from other sources and which has a nearly continuous exhibition of work by Picasso’s contemporaries. These are galleries of international standing,

Malaga Cuisine

Many people will tell you that Malaga produces the best cooking in the Mediterranean, characterised by a distinction between coastal and inland styles, such as the abundant fresh fish served at the beach-side restaurants and the traditional stews and hotpots served in the mountain villages. Both coastal and rural restaurants also offer the famous Iberian ham which is cured in the nearby Andalusian mountains. To be sure of trying everything, ask for a tapa – a small snack or side plate, and make sure to accompany it with some of the delicious local wines.

Both Spanish and international restaurants are dotted throughout the city and gourmet cuisine from French, Italian, Scandinavian, Argentinean, Asian, and Chinese chefs can easily be found.

Malaga’s Fiestas

There are unique fiestas in the towns and villages of the province as well as Malaga city itself with the Easter Week processions being the most important. Processions, pilgrimages and a lot of late night eating and drinking taking place all over the city and towns during Easter Week, in a mix of pagan and Christian religions. Malaga can find a celebration nearly every month of the year.

Malaga’s Equestrian Culture

Malaga is the home of fine horses and they take pride of place at these fiestas. Beautiful ladies dressed in traditional Spanish clothes, their heads covered in fine lace mantillas, flamenco dresses flouncing around their ankles and castanets in their fingers, their male counterparts proud in their finery and black hats, will be seen riding these beautiful animalsat many of the events.

Malaga’s Golf Courses

The Costa del Sol, with more than 50 courses, is considered the greatest golfing centre in Europe, many of them designed by top names like Robert Trent Jones, Seve Ballesteros and Cabal Robinson. All are within easy reach of Malaga city. Golfing at night under floodlighting and on a balmy evening is a speciality of the Costa del Sol. The infrastructure is excellent, the climate is perfect, the services are second to none and tournaments are organized all year round. It has to be said, it is every golfer’s dream.

Unique and Authentic luxury holidays in Spain are made of memories, meaninful and beautiful moments crafted and nurtured by our team at Spain Private Tours.

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