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agosto 15, 2017

Luxury Holidays in Spain – Malaga, Costa del Sol

One of the best luxury holidays destinations in Spain, Capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga

One of Spain most multicultural cities


Malaga’s Historic City Centre  

The architectural heritage of Malaga City is the result of over 3,000 years of human settlement, from the Phoenicians to the present day. The magnificent Roman Theatre, the Nazari Castle and the Gibralfaro Castle of Moorish design, testify to this rich diversity, while the profusion of styles in Malaga Cathedral from Renaissance to modern, is breath-taking.

Malaga’s Beaches

Luxury Holidays - Malaga Beach

Malaga’s long coast means that it has an enormous variety of sandy beaches. There are wild and rocky inlets, small coves where you can be totally private, and there are tourist beaches complete with every amenity one could desire. Swimming of course, is the favourite, as is sun-bathing under the bountiful sun, sailing, water-skiing, cruising the bay and visiting coastal villages. It’s all available in Malaga.


Pablo Picasso, Malaga’s Favourite Son   

Picasso Museum and view over Málaga


Malaga and Picasso are inextricably intertwined, the city which gave birth to the painter also honours him. He is well represented, thanks to the Picasso Museum which has an collection of over 200 of the artist’s original works, complemented by the nearby Museo-Casa Natal, his birthplace, which frequently hosts exhibitions of his work borrowed from other sources and which has a nearly continuous exhibition of work by Picasso’s contemporaries. These are galleries of international standing,

Malaga Cuisine

Many people will tell you that Malaga produces the best cooking in the Mediterranean, characterised by a distinction between coastal and inland styles, such as the abundant fresh fish served at the beach-side restaurants and the traditional stews and hotpots served in the mountain villages. Both coastal and rural restaurants also offer the famous Iberian ham which is cured in the nearby Andalusian mountains. To be sure of trying everything, ask for a tapa – a small snack or side plate, and make sure to accompany it with some of the delicious local wines.

Both Spanish and international restaurants are dotted throughout the city and gourmet cuisine from French, Italian, Scandinavian, Argentinean, Asian, and Chinese chefs can easily be found.

Malaga’s Fiestas

There are unique fiestas in the towns and villages of the province as well as Malaga city itself with the Easter Week processions being the most important. Processions, pilgrimages and a lot of late night eating and drinking taking place all over the city and towns during Easter Week, in a mix of pagan and Christian religions. Malaga can find a celebration nearly every month of the year.

Malaga’s Equestrian Culture

Malaga is the home of fine horses and they take pride of place at these fiestas. Beautiful ladies dressed in traditional Spanish clothes, their heads covered in fine lace mantillas, flamenco dresses flouncing around their ankles and castanets in their fingers, their male counterparts proud in their finery and black hats, will be seen riding these beautiful animalsat many of the events.

Malaga’s Golf Courses

The Costa del Sol, with more than 50 courses, is considered the greatest golfing centre in Europe, many of them designed by top names like Robert Trent Jones, Seve Ballesteros and Cabal Robinson. All are within easy reach of Malaga city. Golfing at night under floodlighting and on a balmy evening is a speciality of the Costa del Sol. The infrastructure is excellent, the climate is perfect, the services are second to none and tournaments are organized all year round. It has to be said, it is every golfer’s dream.

Unique and Authentic luxury holidays in Spain are made of memories, meaninful and beautiful moments crafted and nurtured by our team at Spain Private Tours.

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